Saturday, May 14, 2011

Does your Cell Phone Affect What you Think about Others?

A few posts back, I shared a couple of videos by Dr. Bruce Lipton Click Here for the Post. In those videos, he made mention of the fields that we all live in. He specifically mentioned the magnetic and radio fields and how those fields may alter our realities, experiences, and behaviors. His information is based upon his previous work cloning stem cells. Through his work, he discovered that it is the environment of the cell that determines the pattern and purpose of growth, not only the genetics of the cell. His findings disputed the central dogma of molecular biology, but have since contributed to the field of epigenetics.

Today, I'm sharing with you a video in which Rebecca Saxe shares her work at MIT. In the lab, they have learned that the application of magnetic pulses to a particular region of the brain alters the moral judgments that people make regarding the actions of others. It's a fascinating video and well worth the time it takes to watch.

My question is this: If, in fact, we know that focused application of electromagnetic energy can alter brain perception, function, or conclusion, and we know that we live in an environment increasingly flooded by electromagnetic signals, (due to the increase of technology which uses such signals) is there a link between our increasingly electromagnetized environment and our perceived increase in behaviorally manifested disorders of the brain?

Perhaps a stretch, but a question that lingered in my mind after watching both videos and another regarding further work at MIT on the application of magnetic signal to the brain. What are your thoughts?


  1. Fascinating video!

    And to answer your question, there probably IS a relationship between the two - but only to the extent that the people who would be inclined to percieve such a relationship will have their perceptions reinforced by more electromagnetism in the environment.

    I'm not sure what objective evidence there is that either electromagnetism in the environment or actual levels of brain disorders are increasing. Even if they were both rising, I think it would be difficult to establish a causal relationship between them.

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