Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Today is Independence Day here in the U.S. Amidst all the hot dogs, beer, and fireworks, I hope my American friends will take a few moments to reflect on what the day really means. I hope they will think about how this country was born, and find thanks in their heart for the men and women who struggled to birth a nation, and for those who struggle each day to protect its integrity and freedom.

Independence, freedom and security. They all come at great cost.

We can be easily lulled into taking each day for granted; into digging the heels of entitlement deep into the sand and forgetting the price tag of blood and lives that has been and is being paid each day on our behalf. The birth of our nation was only the beginning.

Let's be thankful today and remember. Remember those who had the courage to stand apart and begin a new nation. Remember those who fought for ideals in the early days of our country. Remember those who went to fight when their country called and returned to an ungrateful and hostile land when they were done doing what was asked of them. Let's remember those who have fought to take the message of freedom and democracy to foreign lands. And let's remember those who struggle each day to protect our country and freedoms from those who would do us harm. Remember them all.

At the risk of offending my British friends (c'mon guys, you love me, right?), I'm posting a few fun videos here that help us to remember our early history as a nation. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did...they bring back fond childhood memories of watching them on TV as a fun way of learning history. And thanks to my cousin Michelle for reminding me about them in a Facebook post!

Happy Independence Day...and be careful with those fireworks!