Thursday, April 28, 2011

And So it Begins

For a long while now, I've considered a blog. Actually, what I've MORE considered is a place where people could come and meet and share ideas and thoughts and exchange those with the intention of learning, growing, and creating.  Heady stuff, I know, but I believe it's possible. Sadly, my study isn't large enough to contain all those that I dream would come to such a meeting (oh wait, I don't HAVE a study), and in fact, many I hope would attend are from far away places spread 'round the globe.  So welcome to my, blog.  Pull up a chair, hang out, contemplate, ponder, and contribute. We'll see where it takes us.  No one is more eager than I to see what happens along the journey.

By the way...a couple of articles to check out:


  1. Thank You thank you , is there Tea and Scones in this study ! I like the ones with Jam and Cream , Clotted Cream is best ! Anyhow its good to be able to set with you I'm fixing to do it often !

  2. Good luck with the blog! Look forward to chippin in comments on the musings

    From M.Ren

    ps ..I notice that none of your books have titles on the that because they contain naughtiness and guilty pleasures or do you have OCD and recover them?

  3. @bigtedd, feel free to settle with tea and scones anytime...just bring enough to share!

    @ Mr.Ren, thanks very much! I assure you I don't have OCD. ;)

  4. Happy blogging - and I'm looking forward to reading and contributing too :-)

    @ M.Ren - those aren't the spines of teh books. We're sort of behind the bookcase, looking out. It's a metaphor. See?

  5. And incidentally... here's an interesting piece on improving grades which looks (for once) at the situation of the students rather than schools, teachers and syllabus:

  6. Thanks, @acuteangel! Interesting article!